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Love is all you need

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

There are few things certain in this world, and a sad certainty in life, is death. I once had a yoga teacher start out class with this not-so-uplifting message. She proceeded to ask us, knowing this, knowing that one day we will all die, what makes life worth living?

This question has stuck with me since, and it's a damn good question.

No doubt many will provide different answer than I, and we all have to figure out in our own lives, what makes our life worth living.

As someone who has done a fair bit of travelling, who has lived in many different places, travel is a beautiful thing. It gives us a chance to experience other cultures, the way others live their life, to try new foods and see amazing things can be life-changing and mind-altering.

Or maybe what makes life worth living for you is giving back to the community and serving others, or creating a legacy so that even after you pass, there will be a historical recollection of you - isn't this why people pay millions of dollars to have their names on buildings in downtown Toronto?

I have discovered that for me, what makes my life worth living knowing that someday I will die, is love. In intimate relationships, with family, with friends, with fur-babies! There is no greater feeling in the world than the feeling of true, unconditional love. It is the people that care about whether you're sad or happy, the people who love you no matter the mistakes you've made, the people who want to see you grow and flourish.

Sometimes we're not all fortunate to have a family like this, and perhaps we rely on the family that we have chosen instead.

There is also something to be said for the unconditional love of pets. Whenever I am sad or feeling sick or down, my cat always knows to cheer me up - I swear she can sense it! Their genuine innocence and love - the trust and love they have in you, their excitement when you come home (and who knows, maybe it's just so they can get fed, but I have a strong feeling this is not the case). This is a beautiful love that consists only of joy.

There is no denying that love, particularly in intimate relationships, current or past, can be difficult. Some of us may have felt incredible emotional pain as a result of lost relationships or the vulnerability of expressing to someone how you feel and not receiving the same in return, but just because it's not easy, does not mean it's not worth it.

So - in the face of death - what makes your life worth living?

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