• Olivia

Learning from Loss

This is one of my favorite quotes - Everyone you meet has something to teach you.

I couldn't agree more.

As someone who has moved around all throughout their life, I have met more people than I could begin to count, all so unique, with so many different experiences, so much to learn from.

Particularly, I find this a comforting quote during times of hardship due to the loss of an intimate relationship. We can get so caught in the fact that we loved this person, or perhaps things did not end well and we're incredibly angry with this person (and really anger is the flip side of hurt), that we forget to internally thank and acknowledge them for what they have contributed to our life. Perhaps it is a self-learning or discovery such as I know now what I need from a relationship, why I chose to give my love to someone who did not necessarily deserve it or reciprocate in anyway. Perhaps we can learn what to do or not to do for our next relationship. Maybe there is a great restaurant that we now go to or a new way of doing something that has made your life better and easier.

Gratitude will help us heal, always.

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